From fatness to fitness

Welcome to my chronicles of marathon training, beginning with... The ING New York City Marathon! I am training with Team Chances for Children AZ, an amazing nonprofit community organization committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing for children, their parents, and all members of the community by providing fitness training, nutrition programs, and educational and support services. 

You can keep track of me on my blog here on this site, or on Twitter (see the sidebar on the right), or on Facebook. And if you want to make a donation to support my efforts with Team Chances for Children AZ, then please click here.

Any size donation will help! Consider just a few options:

The I REALLY DON’T WANT THE AZ LEGISLATURE DECIDING HOW TO SPEND MY MONEY! Program – $200 or $400 or however much you like. Make your taxes go where you want them to go, and come out ahead! Chances for Children is registered in the state of Arizona as a SELF-CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION so that means your donation is eligible for an ARIZONA TAX CREDIT. 

The BUY A MILE!  Program - $50 - Yes, 25 (Mile 26 six is mine!) lucky people have the opportunity to sponsor the mile of their choice (first come, first served) of the marathon for $50.00. Pick your favorite mile and make it yours! (Just let me know which one you have picked. I will add your name to the map on my website, here).  So far, miles 4, 6, 7, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 23, and 24 have been claimed.
The WOW I’M GLAD SOMEONE ELSE IS RUNNING IT Program - $26.20 - The opportunity to CHANGE A CHILD’S LIFE FOREVER is yours for only $1.00 per mile and remember, you don’t have to run a step of it! I’ll be doing all the hard work, and your donation will make it all worthwhile.
The HEY – THAT IS REALLY COOL OF YOU Program - $1.00 - ????? Anything, literally anything, would help – and will go DIRECTLY to help our kids. 
You can make an online donation via the uber-secure PayPal at 
Or you can mail your contribution to me at 1838 E Ranch Rd, Tempe AZ 85284 or directly to Chances for Children at 9399 S. Priest Dr., Tempe AZ 85284. If you donate by check, please put my name on the Memo line.