Weekly training review - September 17th-September 23rd

It's hard to call it a "weekly training review" when I did exactly one training session. But, I did a training session last week, and I will review it here, so "weekly training review" it is!

What interrupted my training schedule was a business trip to the UK. I left on Sunday for Glasgow, arriving Monday morning. On Wednesday, I took the train the Manchester. And, on Saturday, I flew back home, arriving at 8pm. It was an excellent trip, business-wise. But it was cold, and rainy, and I'm a weather-wimp now that I live in Arizona, and I was super busy, and ... how many more excuses do I need? 

In any event, I did hit the ground running (haha) when I got back, as I was up at 4am on Sunday to prepare for a run from my house to Tempe Town Lake (9mi) to cheer on my friends and Tribe Multisport Triathlon Club teammates at the Nathan Red Rock Co. Tempe Triathlon. The run felt really good. Tempe Town Lake is more or less adjacent to ASU, where I work. I've never run from home to work before. While it is not a particularly efficient form of commuting, in that it took almost 2hrs at my current relatively pedestrian pace (haha), I will definitely be including this run in my rotation moving forward. I was able to listen to some excellent podcasts (via Ben Greenfield Fitness, thank you very much), clear my head, and get some much-needed sunshine - with SPF 30, of course - after my time in the UK. 

Aside from Ironman Arizona and a few events where I have volunteered, this is the first time I have shown up at an event mainly as a spectator and athletic supporter (haha). It was, in a word, inspirational. I LOVE to feel the energy of the crowd, and to watch athletes of every shape and size attempt to achieve their personal goals. There were both Sprint- and Olympic-distance races, and some of my favorite people were competing: Stacy B, Jon, Jon, Tommy, Lanny, Jozef, Mollie, Karleen, and many others. Tribe Multisport was well-represented, and our athletes rocked. Wanda and Lola joined me to cheer everyone on, and it was a perfect morning all around.

Now, back to reality. Running tonight, and then a bunch of other workouts all week long, means that next week's training review will be way more action-packed. Thanks for reading. 

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