Support Team Chances - and me

I am running the ING NYC Marathon on 4 November 2012. And I am doing it as part of Team Chances for Children AZ. I am, in short, running with purpose. 

Chances for Children was founded on the belief that in life, everyone deserves the chance for opportunity. Research shows that diet and exercise promote a balanced well-being, resulting in positive life achievements. 

The TEAM Chances marathon training team is responsible for making new opportunities for children in our community through their fundraising efforts. Every successful TEAM Chances participant provides four children in our community the opportunity to participate in year-long fitness and running program. The results speak for themselves! Look at the impact that we made last year:

  • 3983 race entries
  • 1810 runners
  • 1400 pairs of shoes purchased
  • More than 40,000 miles run
  • 200 pedometers purchased
  • 200 fitness journals used
  • 313 Summer swim passes purchased
  • 911 two-week sessions of swimming lessons purchased

Your donation is tax deductible. Every dollar counts. Donate here: Donate now, pretty please.

Your support will make a huge difference to these kids. And just look how happy and healthy they are: