Weekly training review - September 10th-September 16th

Coach Loken sure knows how to ramp up the volume after a cutback week! I was a little 'off' at the beginning of the week, though - my work schedule made it impossible for me to run on Monday, and then I was sick on Tuesday. So I wasn't able to get in my scheduled 7 miles before heading to the track on Wednesday morning. That expression about things not killing you making you stronger appeared to hold some truth for me; after a day of pounding Immodium and dramamine on Tuesday, I felt great on Wednesday. 

If you've been following this blog, you know I LOVE track workouts. This week was a ladder, and though I started out slow to get my feet under me and to test my intestinal status, I ended strong and felt terrific. This was the workout:

15min warm up

10min drills

1600 @ 10k pace, 400 recovery walk/jog

1200 @ 5k pace, 400 recovery walk/jog

800 @ mile pace, 400 recovery walk/jog

400 @ sprint, 400 recovery walk/jog/warm down

I managed 1600 @ 11:05, 1200 @ 10:40, 800 @ 10, and 400 @ 8:20. I think I paced myself too slowly at first, as I ended up with plenty of energy left, so I will try harder next time! I feel really inspired by Ari ( and others, who are able to START at an 8:20ish pace, and ramp up from there. Much work to do, I am enjoying every minute.

Tricia and I were up early Thursday to put in a 3mi recovery run around the 'hood. Usually we prefer to run with Sole Sports Tempe on Thursday eves, but this semester I teach every few Thursday nights, and this was one of those days. The recovery run felt good, though my hammies and glutes were super sore all day at the office!

On Friday, I managed to wake up in time for Ai's super amazing energizing yoga at The BAR Fitness - so glad I did. Only five of us were there, and so Ai was able to work with me to help nail my form. Though my flexibility is really sub par, yoga is certainly helping. Afterward, Mark and Max and I enjoyed some hills in Ahwatukee before I headed into the office, by which I mean Cartel Coffee Lab and then Starbucks and then Smashburger, for meetings with some awesome people. 

Finally, Saturday. Long run Saturday. Up at 4am. Showered to loosen my muscles. At Tricia's at 4:50. And at Sole Sports Scottsdale by 5:15. We had originally been scheduled for the San Juan Trail at South Mountain, but Coach Loken moved us to the canal in Scottsdale, instead. I was hoping this would be my longest run ever. It wasn't. But it was one of my best ever long runs. Coach had us beginners scheduled for 17mi or 3hrs, whichever meant less time on our feet. For me, that was 3hrs = 13mi. It was a gorgeous morning to run (see pic!). And it felt really good for the first 10mi. I slowed down a lot in the final 3mi as I am still carrying too much weight and my forefeet were getting very sore. I probably should have worn my Brooks PureGrit instead of my Brooks PureFlow, for a little more cushioning on the slightly uneven terrain. No matter. A little ice afterward, and some TLC from lovely Wanda, helped a ton. (I also experienced serious nipple chafing for the first time ever. Really painful and, as it turned out when I got home, bloody. A badge of honor, I know, but one I'd rather hear about that earn. They're still very sensitive today, and I've received lots of advice on how to avoid this issue in the future!)

Today I am heading to the UK for the better part of a week. I am looking forward to running in Glasgow tomorrow and then in Manchester later in the week. I will miss track workout and the group long run on Saturday, but I will put in my long run on Sunday. I am thinking that I will run from my house to O.H.S.O. Brewery in Phoenix, an awesome dog-friendly place where Wanda and Lola can meet me for brunch. And I'll be sure to stop on the way to cheer on my Tribe Multisport Triathlon Team teammates at the Nathan Tempe Triathlon!



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Reader Comments (3)

Love the socks! Keep up the good work :)

September 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLara

You are so sweet!! Thanks for making my day! You inspire me as well, and you're doing amazing! Also, I loooooove OHSO! I haven't taken my puppies there yet, but I've been really wanting to. Enjoy the UK!

September 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAri

Nice work! I wish I liked track workouts better--they make me cranky, but they definitely have helped my speed, so I endure. And Josh is forgiving enough to ignore my cursing at how many damn intervals we have left ;)

Do you like your Brooks? I bought some Altras after we were doing distances that I couldn't manage with my Vibrams, and they've been pretty good, but they are a bit too wide for my feet. I loved the wide toe box in them, but the whole shoe seems a bit to wide for my scrawny feet. Mizunos are coming out with a minimal shoe next year, so I think I'm going to save up and get me a pair of those as their conventional shoes always fit me really well.

Happy running! :)

September 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKimBG

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